Unsupported timestamp in generator

Hello team!
I copied an output description from the web app catalog and used it as a typealias.
The description has fields that are timestamp and when I use them in the typealias the compiler says "[{
“resource”: “/raw.scratchpad”,
“owner”: “RAW Labs Scratchpad Error Diagnostics”,
“severity”: 8,
“message”: "json error: unsupported type timestamp in generator(…

Is that normal? Do we have to change the timestamp into something else ? (string maybe?)

Can we have the example that causes the failure? Thank you!

Hi Miguel,
If I look for the endpoint output in the web app catalog, I see this in the Output Type:
company: string,
id: int,
url: string,
created_at: timestamp,
updated_at: timestamp nullable)) nullable

I am trying you use this (copy/paste) as a TYPEALIAS to read this endpoint, but it doesn’t work, it says that the timestamp type is not supported.
json error: unsupported type timestamp in option(\n list(\n record(\n company:string,\n id:int,\n url:string,\n created_at:timestamp,\n updated_at:option(timestamp))))"

Is it clear for you now?