Two YML files pointing at two functions called the same name (different signatures) in the same RQL code file

i have two functions, in the same RQL file with the same name, but each takes different parameters, (signatures) - and that’s not a problem.

Then I have two YAML files as endpoints, that I want to pair with each RQL function. How does RAW know which to pair with which? does it do it dynamically depending on which parameters are used ? does this cause an error ? is this a problem?


Defining and using overloaded functions is indeed supported in RQL. Arguments when calling determine which specific definition is picked. However, exposing such functions through a repose API isn’t supported. We will look at making this functionality available if demand arises.

For now publishing the API leads to an error when the repository is updated. This is visible in the repose admin page:

multiple declarations found for f, overloaded functions are not supported