Is it possible to union several different CSV files?

I have several csv files on a dropbox folder.
Is there a way I can concatenate them and make a global SELECT on them ?

Hi Bain40 !

Sure you can union csv files. There’s an example here

You can use UNION or UNION ALL on COLLECTION that have the same structure.
In the case of CSV files, this means sames number of columns and same names.

For instance this statement

[(first:"joe",last:"tiger"),(first:"jim",last:"blue")] UNION [(first:"lee",last:"cat")]


        "first": "joe",
        "last": "tiger"
        "first": "lee",
        "last": "cat"
        "first": "jim",
        "last": "blue"


[(first:"joe",last:"tiger"),(first:"jim",last:"blue")] UNION [(animal:"cat")]

will generate a compiler error.